The Catalan Association of Facility Management (ACFM) was created with the firm desire to bring together all those professionals, companies or entities that, within their actions, offer, promote or develop any of the activities related to the Facility Management in Catalonia to become a reference center with national and international recognition.

The objective of the ACFM is to improve the competitiveness of our associates, give visibility to Facility Management and consolidate it as a regular business practice. This purpose is structured through the promotion and dissemination of the models and benefits that are implicit and the training and knowledge in this same matter.

To achieve this, we are committed to working and manifesting the ethical principles that will lead us to a better future for society, pursuing excellence and teamwork, as well as a firm commitment to innovation, development and a more sustainable environment.

  • Promote collaboration and knowledge transfer between companies, professionals and public administrations in the field of Facility Management.
  • To be a benchmark for Facility Management.
  • Promote business opportunities for associates.
  • Encourage and ensure the training of more trained and informed professionals in the most advanced and up-to-date practices of Facility Management.
  • Technical and regulatory advice on personal or business projects, based on the experiences of many of our associates.



Sponsorship has been one of the most important channels of non-conventional communication -as are advertising, public relations or direct marketing- in response to the growing saturation of the market with advertisements for products and services. A sponsorship aims to:

  • Give prestige to the company or entity.
  • Position the services or products within the Catalan Association of Facility Management in the market.
  • Promote networking through the organization of events, conferences, reports, etc.
  • Improve the perception of a brand.
  • Increase notoriety.
  • Communicate a company message of a sensitive nature.
  • Expand the audience and/or market.
  • Introduce a new product.
  • Relate to the sector, the public, etc..
  • Enhance the reputation of the sponsoring organization.


Sponsorship Plans

This year the following Plans have been activated:


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