Subscribing to newsletters generates subscriber lists. Subscription on the website corresponding to a language implies the future reception of the newsletter in the same language as the website. That is, if you want to receive the newsletter in Spanish, you must register as a subscriber on the web in Spanish.

Cancellation can be done in two ways:

  • At the moment of receipt of the bulletin: In the bulletin itself, acting on the cancellation link (always available).
  • In the registration form visible on the website: You have to enter the data, again in the form, as you were registering in. In those data, there is only one that is essential you enter correctly (others may be wrong): the email address. This will generate, if you are subscribed with that address, the sending of a link to the email address entered. Acting on that link, the system will present the data entered by the subscriber at the time. Along with these data you will have three options: edit them, save them again or cancel the subscription ...

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