Digitization has conquered all areas of our society.

The AECOO –Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, Owners- sector must embrace a new scenario that provides more efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization.

The European SPHERE Project Assembly will be held on 24 and 25 May at the ROCA Barcelona Gallery, followed by the 2nd edition of the Building Digital International Congress (BDTIC) at the CAATEEB on 26 May. During the morning there will be 4 workshops dedicated to: Ontology and Semantics, Privacy and Ethics Metrics, Real-Time Simulation and Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Twin Building. In the afternoon the Congress will be held with 2 keynotes speakers and 10-minute presentations and a Round Table to address Digital Twin Urban issues, how to connect BDTs with Smart Grids, the simulation process, use of platforms and software among other topics.

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