From the Catalan Association of Facility Management, one more year we collaborate in the Master's Degree in Facility Management of the UPC.

Building integral management (real estate and facility services) is becoming an area of vital importance for companies, as it allows optimizing the profitability of real estate assets and infrastructure, reducing the costs of maintenance and conservation in the operation phase, in addition to offering more competitive and appropriate facility services to its core business.

The diversity of activities included in the management of building conservation and facilities maintenance requires professionalism of the people in charge of this functional area of the companies, currently acting in a way of self-study and lacking methodology.

The professionalization of these activities has given way to what is known internationally as Facility Manager. This professional encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment, consisting of people, processes and technology. Its objective is to guarantee the maximum performance of the assets and the satisfaction of the clients towards the support services offered. In addition, the preservation of real estate assets, their maintenance and the management of these facility services must be developed under criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency, in commitment with the rest of the society. Therefore, it is a profile with an increasing demand for professionals.

The Master's Degree in Facility Management is considered to be a modular offer composed of two postgraduate courses, Facility Management Services and Control of Facility Management Services, and allow them to achieve the competencies of the management of real estate and services and their control, focusing on the economic aspects and on the technological applications.

It is an Online Training, compatible with the working day. Informative session: September, 22th.


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